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Cats Saved and Cared for in Animal Pet Shelter

Cat 19 from the Pet ShelterCat #19 Local knackers caught this cat and the next cat in our list. But we stole these two poor pets from a knacker's car. Of course, it seems bad to steal anything, but we had not another way to help those cats. Now the both cats live in our shelter. You can see a photo of second cat below.

Cat 20 from the Pet ShelterCat #20 Please, read a story above.

Lost and Abandoned Kittens Lives Saved

Cat 21 from the Pet ShelterCat #21 Khan. This Persian cat was brought to our shelter because his owner past away.

Cat 22 from the Pet ShelterCat #22 We took out this kitten from a rubbish chute.

Cat 23 from the Pet ShelterCat #23 This kitten was found under a bridge.

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