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Gallery of Pet Shelter Saved Dogs

Dog Kissy from the Pet ShelterKissy. This pekingese was brought to us by an old woman. That old lady asked us to care about the small pekingese and to seek a new young host for this nice animal. We've found new home for Kissy.

Dog Lucy from the Pet ShelterLucy, is a dwarfish-Pekingese. We took out her from a big dump where she was looking for food. She was very muddy and had pneumonia. But we cured this dog, and she is fine now. We hopefully will find a good host for this pretty, small dog.

Lost Abandoned Dogs Cared for by Pet Shelter

Dog Phimka from the Pet ShelterPhimka is a Pekingese that was brought in by a 10 old year’ boy to our shelter. The boy said, his new stepfather doesn’t like dogs and he wasn't allowed him to keep the Pekingese in their flat. The boy was crying when he told us this. So we took his dog and allowed the boy to visits our pet shelter and to play with the Pekingese. We aren’t looking for a new host for Phimka, because the boy comes to us to see and to play with Phimka every Saturday.

Cowboy Pet Shelter Dog that likes CakeCowboy this joyful dog likes eating cakes. So, cakes is always a nice idea as a treat for Cowboy.

Dog 08 from the Pet ShelterHunter, We think this German hunting terrier had a good owner, and we have already looked for his former owner for two months, but nobody has yet phoned to us. Hunter has had new home.

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