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Pet Shelter Charity - Saving Abandoned Dogs and Cats

This website is dedicated to homeless pets. You should not miss our site, if you are a friend of homeless animals! Perhaps you are that person who can help one of the cats or dogs in our free shelter for homeless pets, and you have got a good chance to do it right now, right here. Please, spend a few minutes of your time reading about our free pet shelter for homeless animals.. We believe we do useful work for homeless animals. And we are always open for your questions and offers. Remember, please, we would be thankful for any charity pet from you!

We have recently begun building 2 new pet shelter enclosures for homeless dogs that we are looking after. Our old enclosures held only 8 dogs at a time but our new kennels will both hold 6 dogs each comfortably. We are hoping to have the new kennels completed before the winter sets in and the temperature drops in November 2008. As we are a charity we are building the new kennels ourselves to save cost for builders, we need to pay for the materials for the new kennels so any donations for the animals or purchases from our charity shop would be gratefully received.

We have taken a photo of every animal living in our pet shelter. And you can see each of the photos and read a brief story about every inhabitant of the animal shelter. Also visit our charity shop where you can purchase some nice handmade goods and antique objects. If you have a loved dog, a loved cat or another loved pet that lives in your home, we ask you for your kind help for homeless animals in our shelter. There are many ways to help. One time donations, Monthly sponsorships of $1 to any amount you can give for your favourite pet in our shelter, or your purchase from any of our linked websites or charity shop. These funds all go towards care for our homeless pets and help us to buy the food, pet products and required pet medication to care for these abandoned unloved pets. We can offer the best way how you can care for your loved pet, to save you money and to help the homeless pets!

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