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A free pet shelter was opened by us in Mariupol, Ukraine in June of 2007. We are common Ukrainian people who love both pets and wild animals. And we cannot be indifferent to sufferings of poor homeless pets. Our family is not rich, and we have re-built a part of our family’s house to use it as a free pet shelter. There are 15-20 cats and 10-15 dogs who can live in our shelter at one time. Of course, this is not a big number, but anyway, our pet shelter is the first free one for homeless animals in our region, and it is better than nothing.

Pet Shelter in the Ukraine A main aim of ours is to seek a new host for every pet that is living in the animal shelter. But, it is impossible to find a suitable host for every cat and every dog in our animal shelter because some pets are very old and very ill. However same old pets or ill animals will live till their dying day in the pet shelter. In other words, if even the pet is incurable, it will never be killed by us. We provide medical care, a roof, and food to homeless animals, and try to make them happy as well as we can.

However, we have not a source of finance, and we very ask You to help to the cats and the dogs in our shelter. Our family’s budget just allows us to spend 120 USD on homeless pets each month. And we are looking for kind people which can make any animal donations to the pets. Our shelter needs in pet bowls, pet toys, dog and cat collars and other useful objects for animals.

Homeless pets come to our shelter by different means. Often people phone us to tell us about a homeless pet that they saw somewhere and we drive there to see if we can take care of that pet. Sometime folks bring us homeless cats and dogs and ask us to take these animals. It's very sad, but in some cases we have to say no because the shelter has limited space and we have not enough time, food, medicine for every homeless pet in Mariupol. Also we are very sad and dislike it when somebody tries to give us his/her pet because he/she is unhappy with their dog or cat. Every Sunday we drive around the city seeking these isolated homeless pets. When we find homeless pets we try to aid them as best as possible in our situation. Why I said isolated pets is because there are many dog packs wandering and we can only give some food to these homeless creatures. In other words, we don't usually catch a dog if it lives among other homeless ones. We focus on isolated pets. Please, don't forget we're located in Ukraine, so you should not compare our shelter with any of shelters which are located in USA and EU. Actually, Ukraine is a 3rd world country and many homeless people don't have any shelter.

Ukraine is placed in an eastern part of Europe, and homeless animals are a real problem here. There are thousands of homeless dogs and cats trying to survive in cities and countryside of Ukraine. Every day, many hundred of homeless animals are killed under the wheels of trucks, buses and cars on Ukrainian roads. Possibly, Ukraine is the only one country in Europe, where anybody can kill a homeless cat or a homeless dog, and doesn’t get any punishment or any fine for his/her crime against homeless pets. We still have no good law that is able to protect any homeless animals from bad people in Ukraine. There are only a few animal shelters for homeless pets in Ukraine. And the Ukrainian Government does not do any thing to change the situation for the better.